All about Tommy
The Real Elf

TOMMY THE REAL ELF grew up in the village of Clarendon Hills, Illinois. Although both of his parents are non-Elf, they always encouraged him to follow his dreams of spreading merriment and Christmas cheer to all. 
Like most of us, as Tommy grew older he felt pressured to take life more seriously, leading to studying broadcast journalism at Columbia College, as well as interning at NBC5 News, and eventually working in advertising, sales, and even a plastic surgeon’s office.

A star is born

During the 2012 holidays, while searching for an idea for an office Christmas card, friends pointed out his resemblance to a certain shelf-dwelling Christmas sprite, inspiring Tommy to don his now-famous red onesie and pointy hat.

A health scare with cancer later that year reminded Tommy of the need to live life to the fullest and in 2014, he decided to devote himself to spreading love and laughter to all ~ becoming THE REAL ELF that he was always destined to be!
With his effervescent spirit, infectious smile, and sincere good will towards all, Tommy soon graduated to creating Random Acts Of Christmas across Chicagoland with his travelling “Let’s Take An Elfie!” pop-up event.

Although Tommy has appeared at high profile events, made celebrity pals, and gained lots of media attention, he remains a down-to-earth Real Elf - dedicated to getting everyone onto Santa’s Nice list by spreading joy, happiness, and Christmas cheer 365 days a year!

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